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Welcome Pioneers!!

The Playmakers Volunteer Committee is proud to offer the 26th Annual Edition of the Victoria Playmakers Old Timers Hockey Tournament in beautiful Victoria, British Columbia, Canada from March 24 to March 28, 2015

Playmakers 2015 – A Tribute

The Maple Leaf, the Stars and Stripes, the majestic Rising Sun,
All gathered in Victoria to play and have some fun.
The skills were a bit rusty and the hair was grey…or gone;
But the spirit and camaraderie were there and second to none.
The games, of course, were fiercely fought, the scores were duly kept;
But, when the final whistle blew, who knew who cheered or wept?
The Town Crier, with his loud “Oh Yay!” caused neither fear nor fright;
Instead, one just saw happy faces on each prospective Knight.
When all the games were finished, there was nary a single tear,
‘Cause, before the fellows even left, they were thinking of next year.
The Maple Leaf, the Stars and Stripes, the majestic Rising Sun
Will gather in Victoria to play and have more fun.

Allen Snart 2015

Great tournament, well organized and tons of fun – Well Done!!!
Thank you Playmakers!!

Victoria is the capital city of the province of British Columbia.  Located 60 kilometers south of Vancouver, on Vancouver Island, it offers snow peaked mountain views, agriculture valleys and some of the world's best sailing and fishing among the surrounding islands in the Pacific Ocean.  It is served by its own International Airport as well as ferries from Vancouver and Washington State.  Victoria's quaint setting, tasteful night life and sporting facilities make it a must for all those seeking adventure.

The Maple Leaf,

The Playmakers Tournament is dedicated to male players 50 years and over and female players 35 years and over, the pioneers of the Canadian Game. In order to handle the growth in the number of older teams attending this tournament and to maintain the spirit of fellowship, the maximum number of teams is set at 48. This Year we are proud to introduce a Women's division for players 35+. By popular demand we continue the special division for players 80 years of age and over as well as the 50+, 55+, 60+, 65+, 70+, and 75+ age divisions.  Please note that players wishing to enter the 75+ or 80+ divisions, but who do not have a team, can enter individually and be placed on the International Teams in those Divisions.  Complete teams are also invited to play in the 75+ and 80+ divisions. 

To enter please register your team before December 31, 2014.  First come, first served.  Registration Fee is $950 CDN/US per team or $65 CDN/US for individual 75+ and 80+ players who don't have a team.

The Tournament  Directory (left) provides Information and Registration Forms. You may register for all events on line or print and complete the forms then send to:
Pierre Boudreau

4283 Oakfield Crescent
Victoria, BC  V8X 4W4
Phone:  778-433-0482
Email: blackhawkspg@shaw.ca.

In order to assist visiting teams and to provide individual players an opportunity to participate, the Tournament Committee maintains a spares list.  If your team requires additional players please contact our Player Coordinator, Keith Lylock at (250) 519-0249 or by email at klylock@telus.net.

If you want to be a spare player in the tournament, you can register on line or by mailing a spares registration form to the coordinator.  The necessary forms may be found by clicking on the link below.


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Publish date: December 3, 2014
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