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Below is the ENTIRE Tournament Schedule with Scores to Date.

Scores will be updated the evening of each day of the tournament.

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8:30 AMEdmonton Vintage Wings3Ancient Mariners2Gold75+26-Mar
9:45 AMSaskatoon 70's5Victoria Blooze0Green70+26-Mar
10:00 AMBear Mountain Bruins3Calgary Rusty Blades0Gold75+26-Mar
11:15 AMGrumpy Old Men6Eagle Ridge Predators0Green70+26-Mar
11:30 AMEdmonton Vintage Hawks8Surrey Schooners3Gold70+26-Mar
12:45 PMEdmonton Vintage Bruins3Bear Mountain Bruins4Green70+26-Mar
1:00 PMChristie’s Pub Athletics3Victoria Blooze10Gold60+26-Mar
2:15 PMNanaimo Old Buoys5Eagle Ridge Predators1Green75+26-Mar
2:30 PMBear Mountain Bruins4Edmonton Vintage1Gold60+26-Mar
3:45 PMVictoria Blooze1Surrey Cowboys10Green65+26-Mar
4:00 PMSaskatoon 80's1Edmonton Vintage Swaybacks5Gold80+26-Mar
5:15 PMBear Mountain Bruins4Edmonton Vintage Blues1Green65+26-Mar
5:30 PMVancouver Schooners 80+2Victoria Blooze2Gold80+26-Mar
6:45 PMVanstars Tokyo0Smithers Rubber Puckers6Green70+26-Mar
7:00 PMBear Mountain Bruins7 Islanders3Gold55+26-Mar
9:30 AMSurrey Schooners3Bear Mountain Bruins4Gold70+27-Mar
9:45 AMEdmonton Vintage Hawks3Calgary 70+ Crowchild Warriors2Green70+27-Mar
11:00 AMEagle Ridge Predators10Vanstars Tokyo2Gold70+27-Mar
11:15 AMBear Mountain Bruins8Christie’s Pub Athletics2Green60+27-Mar
12:30 PMSaskatoon 70's3Grumpy Old Men0Gold70+27-Mar
12:45 PMEdmonton Vintage2Victoria Blooze3Green60+27-Mar
2:00 PMSurrey Cowboys8Edmonton Vintage Blues1Gold65+27-Mar
2:15 PMBear Mountain Bruins1Nanaimo Old Buoys3Green75+27-Mar
3:30 PMEdmonton Vintage Rangers2Bear Mountain Bruins1Gold65+27-Mar
3:45 PMEdmonton Vintage Wings3Eagle Ridge Predators0Green75+27-Mar
5:00 PMCalgary Rusty Blades2Ancient Mariners4Gold75+27-Mar
5:15 PMEdmonton Vintage3Christie's Cowboys6Green55+27-Mar
6:30 PMGolden Girls 1Victoria Riptide6GoldW55+27-Mar
8:00 AMBear Mountain Bruins3Calgary 70+ Crowchild Warriors0Gold70+28-Mar
8:15 AMVanstars Tokyo0Saskatoon 70's5Green70+28-Mar
9:30 AMEdmonton Vintage Bruins4Surrey Schooners3Gold70+28-Mar
9:45 AMVictoria Blooze4Smithers Rubber Puckers6Green70+28-Mar
11:00 AMEdmonton Vintage Blues3Victoria Blooze3Gold65+28-Mar
11:15 AMSaskatoon 80's0Vancouver Schooners 80+3Green80+28-Mar
12:30 PMEdmonton Vintage Rangers3Surrey Cowboys11Gold65+28-Mar
12:45 PMEdmonton Vintage Swaybacks4Victoria Blooze2Green80+28-Mar
2:00 PMVictoria Riptide2Predators4GoldW55+28-Mar
2:15 PMAncient Mariners2Eagle Ridge Predators1Green75+28-Mar
3:30 PMCoast Classics4Golden Girls 0GoldW55+28-Mar
3:45 PMBear Mountain Bruins2Edmonton Vintage Wings5Green75+28-Mar
8:00 AMVictoria Blooze6Saskatoon 80's0Gold80+29-Mar
9:30 AMVancouver Schooners 80+2Edmonton Vintage Swaybacks3Gold80+29-Mar
9:45 AMVictoria Blooze2Bear Mountain Bruins5Green60+29-Mar
11:00 AMCalgary Rusty Blades2Nanaimo Old Buoys6Gold75+29-Mar
11:15 AMEdmonton Vintage6Christie’s Pub Athletics1Green60+29-Mar
12:30 PMCoast Classics2Loonies5GoldW55+29-Mar
12:45 PMVictoria Blooze3Grumpy Old Men2Green70+29-Mar
2:00 PMGolden Girls 0Predators5GoldW55+29-Mar
2:15 PMSmithers Rubber Puckers1Eagle Ridge Predators3Green70+29-Mar
3:30 PMVictoria Blooze7Edmonton Vintage Rangers3Gold65+29-Mar
3:45 PMCalgary 70+ Crowchild Warriors1Edmonton Vintage Bruins2Green70+29-Mar
5:00 PMBear Mountain Bruins4Edmonton Vintage6Gold55+29-Mar
5:15 PMBear Mountain Bruins2Edmonton Vintage Hawks6Green70+29-Mar
6:30 PM Islanders3Christie's Cowboys6Gold55+29-Mar
9:30 AMVictoria Riptide0Loonies4GoldW55+30-Mar
9:45 AM Islanders2Edmonton Vintage6Green55+30-Mar
11:00 AMPredators2Coast Classics0GoldW55+30-Mar
11:15 AMChristie's Cowboys0Bear Mountain Bruins7Green55+30-Mar
12:30 PMBear Mountain Bruins1Victoria Blooze2Gold65+30-Mar
2:00 PMLoonies5Golden Girls 0GoldW55+30-Mar