Hall of Fame Application

You are invited to be knighted and inducted into the Playmakers Hockey Hall of Fame. You can be knighted once at each level. At age 70+ you are eligible to become a “Hockey Knight” and at age 80+ you are eligible to become a  “Hockey Knight Exemplar” and at age 90+ you are eligible to become a “Hockey Knight Exemplaritas.” The qualifications are:

  1. You are an active player in this year’s Annual Playmakers Old Timers Hockey Tournament;
  2. You are 70+ years old (Hockey Knight) or 80+ years old (Hockey Knight Exemplar) or 90+ years old (Hockey Knight Exemplaritas) on or before December 31, 2024.

Eligible players will presented with a “Hockey Knight in Canada” certificate.

Should you wish to be so honoured, please complete and submit the HOF Application form below by 14 February, 2024 so that the appropriate certificate can be prepared in advance of the Tournament.

Questions concerning the Knighting may be directed to Butch Boucher at Admin@victoriaplaymakers.ca or 1-250-658-4279 

When completing this form, stay on this page until completed.

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