The Tournament is played under the CARHA rules of play for Old-Timers hockey, as modified below.

Game Format:

  • Two periods of 21 minutes stop time
  • No scrape between periods, just a 2 minute rest period
  • Teams do not switch ends
  • Warm-up pucks are provided
  • Running time is only used if there is a significant delay, such as due to injury
  • Introduced in 2023, scores with greater than a 5 goal difference will NOT be kept. Any games leading or won by more than 5 goals will show as a 5 goal differential on the areana scoreboard, game postings and Website. Games will remain stop time regardless of the score.
  • Each team is guaranteed 3 games. This is a participation tournament, there are no playoff games.

Player Considerations:

  • UNDER AGE PLAYERS will not be accepted. To qualify for an age division players must be the minimum age for their division by December 31 of the year in which the tournament is played.
  • Goaltenders, whether male or female, in the 55+ Division have a 5 year grace period.
  • Goaltenders in the other 5 older divisions have a 10 year grace period.
  • Women are permitted to play with a men’s team.  Female players are permitted to be 10 years younger than the minimum age as of December 31 of the year in which the tournament is played. We are unable to provide exclusive dressing rooms for women playing on a men’s team to change in. It is suggested women utilize the Women’s washrooms in the arena and deposit their valuables and clothing in the dressing room of the team with which they are playing.
  • A player may play for more than one team during the tournament, however that player must meet the minimum age for their division per the above UNDER AGE PLAYERS rule.  Only players registered on the team roster prior to the team’s first game are eligible to participate.  In unforeseen circumstances such as injury or unexpected shortage of players, team managers may request an exception from the Tournament Rules Committee (contact the Tournament Chairman).

Penalty Reminders:

  • We bring your attention to the CARHA rule that three minor penalties in one game received by one player will result in that player being automatically ejected from the game.
  • In addition, any player ejected from a game with a misconduct, major or match penalty may not participate in any remaining games until he receives approval to do so from the Tournament Rules Committee.
  • Body contact is not permitted in old timers hockey.  As well, the following instructions have been passed to the referees:
    • any trip, slash, hook, hold, or contact that causes a players to crash into the boards will result in a double minor;
    • a deliberate body check will result in a double minor; and
    • non-incidental high stick to the head will result in a major (5 min) penalty and a game.
    • For the information of players, the referee can also call a penalty (or penalties) on any player for “diving”.
    • We realize there is some incidental contact expected and accepted playing hockey but if the body contact creates any of the situations above we have asked the referees to CALL A PENALTY (or penalties) as applicable. Persistent body contact will result in ejection from the game and the player may not participate in any remaining games until he receives approval to do so from the Tournament Rules Committee.

Helmets and Face Masks:

  • Players must wear CSA approved helmets
  • Although face masks are not compulsory, all players are strongly encouraged to wear either a full face guard or a half face shield with mouth guard.
  • CARHA rule 24(d) states: Players and goalkeepers may wear any type of face protector, provided it is securely fastened to the helmet and is made is such a way as not to cause injury to the wearer or opposing players. Note: To meet CARHA insurance requirements for facial injury claims, such protective equipment must be CSA approved. Any alteration to a CSA approved facial protector or helmet destroys the certification.
  • CARHA rule 25 allows the referee to “prohibit a player from participating in the game while using or wearing any equipment that he considers dangerous to a player or game official”.

Sweater Colours:

  • The first team listed on the game schedule will be the Visiting Team and will normally wear the predominantly white coloured sweaters.
  • However, in recognizing that all teams do not have 2 sets of sweaters, we ask those who do to please bring both sets to all games and to be prepared to switch in the event there is a conflict in colours.

Notice to Players and Referees:

We are still competitive or else we would not be playing this game. However, we note that some participants appeared to have forgotten the spirit and intent of this tournament. The Tournament Committee would like to clarify the following points:

  • We can assure you there are no scouts in the stands;
  • Many of us have commitments that we have to meet after the tournament, whether it be travel, personal or work; and
  • We all want to go home healthy.