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Below is the ENTIRE Tournament Schedule with Scrores.

Scores will be updated the evening of each day of the tournament

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11:00 AMChristie's Pub AthleticsBear Mountain BruinsGOLD60+28-Mar
12:30 PMBC Wild Bunch GullsVictoria BloozeGOLD60+28-Mar
12:45 PMSurrey CowboysBear Mountain BruinsGREEN65+28-Mar
2:00 PMEdmonton VintageBear Mountain BruinsGOLD75+28-Mar
2:15 PMVictoria BloozeEdmonton VintageGREEN65+28-Mar
3:30 PMEagle Ridge PredatorsVictoria BloozeGOLD75+28-Mar
3:45 PMSanta Rosa BombersVictoria BloozeGREEN70+28-Mar
5:00 PMVancouver Schooners 80+Victoria Cariboo 80+GOLD80+28-Mar
5:15 PMEagle Ridge PredatorsSmithers Rubber PuckersGREEN70+28-Mar
6:30 PMVictoria Athletic CowboysVictoria BloozeGOLD55+28-Mar
6:45 PMIslandersBear Mountain BruinsGREEN55+28-Mar
8:15 AMSaskatoon 70'sEagle Ridge PredatorsGREEN70+29-Mar
9:30 AMVANSTAR-75Victoria Cariboo 80+GOLD80+29-Mar
9:45 AMVANSTAR-70Santa Rosa BombersGREEN70+29-Mar
11:00 AMSurrey SchoonersCalgary Crowchild 70+ WarriorsGOLD70+29-Mar
11:15 AMCalgary Crowchild 60+ WarriorsVictoria BloozeGREEN60+29-Mar
12:30 PMEdmonton VintageBear Mountain BruinsGOLD70+29-Mar
12:45 PMBear Mountain BruinsBC Wild Bunch GullsGREEN60+29-Mar
2:00 PMVictoria BloozeBear Mountain BruinsGOLD65+29-Mar
2:15 PMVictoria BloozeSmithers Rubber PuckersGREEN70+29-Mar
3:30 PMEdmonton VintageSurrey CowboysGOLD65+29-Mar
3:45 PMEdmonton VintageCalgary Rusty BladesGREEN75+29-Mar
5:00 PMVictoria BloozeNanaimo Old BuoysGOLD75+29-Mar
5:15 PMGolden GirlsVictoria RiptideGREENW55+29-Mar
8:00 AMVictoria BloozeCalgary Rusty BladesGOLD75+30-Mar
8:15 AMEagle Ridge PredatorsEdmonton VintageGREEN75+30-Mar
9:30 AMSaskatoon 70'sSanta Rosa BombersGOLD70+30-Mar
9:45 AMBC Wild Bunch GullsCalgary Crowchild 60+ WarriorsGREEN60+30-Mar
11:00 AMVictoria BloozeVANSTAR-70GOLD70+30-Mar
11:15 AMVANSTAR-75Vancouver Schooners 80+GREEN80+30-Mar
12:30 PMBear Mountain BruinsEdmonton VintageGOLD65+30-Mar
12:45 PMSurrey SchoonersEdmonton VintageGREEN70+30-Mar
2:00 PMVictoria BloozeSurrey CowboysGOLD65+30-Mar
2:15 PMWolfpackGeriHatricksGREENW55+30-Mar
3:30 PMSilver SistasCoast ClassicsGOLDW55+30-Mar
3:45 PMCalgary Crowchild 70+ WarriorsBear Mountain BruinsGREEN70+30-Mar
8:15 AMVANSTAR-70Eagle Ridge PredatorsGREEN70+31-Mar
9:30 AMVictoria Blooze 75+VANSTAR-75GOLD80+31-Mar
9:45 AMCalgary Rusty BladesBear Mountain BruinsGREEN75+31-Mar
11:00 AMVictoria BloozeBear Mountain BruinsGOLD60+31-Mar
11:15 AMEagle Ridge PredatorsNanaimo Old BuoysGREEN75+31-Mar
12:30 PMSmithers Rubber PuckersSaskatoon 70'sGOLD70+31-Mar
12:45 PMCalgary Crowchild 60+ WarriorsChristie's Pub AthleticsGREEN60+31-Mar
2:00 PMVictoria Cariboo 80+Vancouver Schooners 80+GOLD80+31-Mar
2:15 PMCalgary Crowchild 70+ WarriorsEdmonton VintageGREEN70+31-Mar
3:30 PMSilver SistasGeriHatricksGOLDW55+31-Mar
3:45 PMBear Mountain BruinsSurrey SchoonersGREEN70+31-Mar
5:00 PMBear Mountain BruinsVictoria Athletic CowboysGOLD55+31-Mar
5:15 PMVictoria RiptideCoast ClassicsGREENW55+31-Mar
6:30 PMVictoria BloozeIslandersGOLD55+31-Mar
6:45 PMGolden GirlsWolfpackGREENW55+31-Mar
9:30 AMVictoria RiptideWolfpackGOLDW55+01-Apr
9:45 AMGeriHatricksCoast ClassicsGREENW55+01-Apr
11:00 AMVictoria BloozeBear Mountain BruinsGOLD55+01-Apr
11:15 AMVictoria BloozeChristie's Pub AthleticsGREEN60+01-Apr
12:30 PMNanaimo Old BuoysBear Mountain BruinsGOLD75+01-Apr
12:45 PMSilver SistasGolden GirlsGREENW55+01-Apr
2:00 PMVictoria Athletic CowboysIslandersGOLD55+01-Apr