Our Tournament insurance has been obtained from the Canadian Adult Recreational Hockey Association (CARHA). It provides liability coverage for the Playmakers Committee and Pearkes Arena (Saanich municipality). Any expenses associated with a personal injury are an individual responsibility. Your team does NOT have to be a member of CARHA to play in the Tournament, however you may not be insured. If your team is a member of the CARHA, it is our understanding that your full CARHA insurance is in force.

Participating players are encouraged to wear CSA approved helmets and a half face shield with mouth guard or a full face shield without mouth guard. Be advised these are mandatory requirements for teams or players that take out CARHA injury insurance for their coverage to remain valid.

If you or your team members are not CARHA members and feel you require additional insurance for personal injury or injury to another player, please make your own additional arrangements.

Before playing their first game, all participating team members will be required to sign a waiver of acknowledgement.